About me

Hi there..  I’m so happy you are here.  Hopefully you landed here because you love cooking, food, and travel as much as I do and you want to learn more about these topics.  I’m a self-proclaimed food nerd with a wicked travel addiction, a curious nature, and a relentless urge to discuss food.  Warning –  I’m no professional chef, but I’ve got mad Googling skills.

What inspired Thetravelingtastebud.com?

2011 was a disaster.  All the typical early thirties stuff – a crushing romantic heartbreak, an emergency relocation, a boss with a verbal taser. Hell bent on improving 2012, I visited 15 countries in a combo of work and personal exploration.

I loved to cook, but I wasn’t home to do it, and more honestly – cooking made me feel lonely.  I missed cooking.  A lot!  Overtime, I got over the lonely feeling by cooking with a great friend.  I ended 2012 as a well-traveled, fledgeling home cook with more misses than hits.  You could always trust me to singe your taste buds with reckless cayenne or to leave you with crunchy cupcakes because I left the egg “whites” in.  True story – I was 10.

Enter New Year’s resolutions. I had visited 38 countries in my lifetime (yes, the Vatican counts).  I decided to master meals inspired by each and to share those meals with the people I most adore in Austin, TX. Tada…   I’m cooking again, deepening friendships, and now documenting my journey.  I hope to create a visually-attractive scrapbook for my inner food nerd while also entertaining you through my travel adventures and lighting the way for your own cooking expedition.

I have a few challenges in front of me:

  1. I could not even cut up a whole chicken in January
  2. People are my go juice!  Cooking for hours or spending hours alone in front of my computer are not the natural places for my extroverted soul.
  3. No one is legally bound to be my taste tester, so I rely on an amazing set of friends.
  4. Cultivating a well-equipped kitchen is quite the financial investment (although freezing food is a huge help here)

Why you should let Thetravelingtastebud.com into your kitchen:

  • We’ll master some of the tastiest dishes on the planet!
  • You will experience the culture through some of my favorite travel pictures and stories.
  • I will link to the recipes, videos, and the equipment you’ll need to make this journey your own.
  • Occasionally, I will tackle the age-old problem of minimizing food waste through some rather inventive recipes from left-over produce.
  • If I get my wish, your cooking experience will be catapulted forward and you will join in the conversation and community.  And don’t worry, I won’t hide the misses, so you can laugh at my expense a few times along the way.

What else do I do except for cook and clean dishes?

When I’m not in the kitchen or partaking in the incredible Austin, TX restaurant scene, you will find me evangelizing social business software for a Fortune 50 company, playing endless rounds of soccer with my puppy Ella, running half marathons (ok, one), completing triathlons (notice I included an “l”), and finding ways to save money on non-value add things so that I can overstuff my tiny kitchen.

Grab an apron and lets go!