4 kitchen must-haves and 2 kitchen hard-to-finds

4 kitchen must-haves and 2 kitchen hard-to-finds

We’re taking a little diversion this week (in addition to the regular post of course).  Along with my new-found cooking skills, I’ve also acquired a bit of knowledge about cooking equipment.  There are so many options out there that it’s really intimidating as a beginning home cook to know what to buy.  My goal is to take a bit of the pain out of that by introducing you to my Amazon store.

What’s in the store?  I walked a delicate line between quality and value.  Excellent pots/ pans and knives are a meets minimum in my world.  However, you won’t find a fancy stand mixer in my kitchen.  I want one, but 1) there’s no room and 2) the hand mixer works just fine.  So, we’ll settle somewhere in between where we pay a bit more for things that are really important and be just as happy with lower priced items if they work just as well as the fancy ones.

I’ll keep building the list as the blog goes.  Hopefully you’ll find a few things that will help you along the way.  Full disclosure:  I will receive a small commission if you purchase these items.  I promise you that I have used and loved each of them.

Here are the kind of items you can expect to see in my Amazon store:

  • Awesome gadgets that you won’t be able to live without – like these gravity based salt and pepper mills (ABSOLUTELY worth the money) or this sausage and pasta maker (so cheap you’ll think you’re stealing).

salt and pepper grinder

  • Amazing cookware that is good quality, but still relatively affordable like this Simply Calphalon cooking set or this Lodge cast iron skillet.

Lodge L10SK3 Pre-Seasoned Skillet, 12-Inch

  • Hard to find cooking ingredients – like squid ink and sausage casings.

Squid Ink - 0.14 oz. x 20 pcsEastman Outdoors 100% Natural Hog Casing for Italian, Bratwurst & BBQ Size Sausages (Makes Approximately 25 Pounds of Sausage)

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